We'll schedule the critique sessions to be at a time that is most convenient for the majority of the participants.  We'll limit each group to about 10 - 15 artists to meet at my studio.  If we have more in a session we'll meet at another's studio, that is larger.  We'll critique each artist's work to the extent that they want constructive input.  Each can elect to just sit and listen, participate by commenting on other's work, or giving and receiving input.  Each session will be $25 and we won't stop until each artist's work has been discussed sufficiently.  

I will moderate and expect to give input on each piece and to also offer suggestions on aspects of our art such as good presentation, artist/gallery relationships, and good business practices.  I've had lots of experience in all of these areas, having owned an art gallery.  My experience in museum quality framing of art can help you with the best presentation of your own work.  I was experienced in retailing(my degree is in Marketing) before becoming an artist, and am represented in galleries across the US,  So, I think I can give you all help in those areas as well as in the most important area of composition, including shape and color.  One aspect I think is most important is the arrangement of all of the elements within the piece and we'll consider this and how it makes for a piece that has harmony and strong effect on the viewer.

I look forward to your questions, and requests since we're at the point where I can consider adding other elements to the sessions that are of interest to all.

email Tony at:
 tony@saladinostudio.com, or call him at Saladino Studio - 817-915-1708

More Information on the Critique Sessions
and Online Critiques
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If you prefer an online critique of your work please email me(tony.saladino@gmail.com) at least three "jpg." images of your latest work or images of specific pieces that you think need help.  Please tell me what you goal is with each piece or in general.  I will make suggestions based on your goals and also on the time accepted criteria used in critiquing art.  
For now, my critiques are on a donation basis.  If you feel the critique was helpful please just click on the "PayPal" button to make a donation  The amount is in one dollar units so just increase the "quantity" to get to the amount you would like to donate.  You can also send a check to the studio address below. 
Tony Saladino
Saladino Studio
756 Norwood
Hurst, TX 76053